Caught lying to Master…

Master caught me lying to him, not once but many, many times.  Master is very mad, he is furious with me.  I think our relationship is at stake.  I’ve been crying a lot, I really messed up – I don’t want to lose Master.

I need to figure out how to punish myself and prove to Master that I am sorry, and that it won’t happen again.  How, how do I do that?  Master is in Seattle, he didn’t come home this weekend he is that pissed.

Master knows I like pain, and frequently orgasm when being spanked…

Public humiliation – Master likes that, I don’t – this is such a small town, god I screwed up.  I need to figure out a way to be publicly humiliated, and I need to figure it out fast.

The last time I went to the Glory hole by myself, I chickened out.  I couldn’t do it, not without the security of knowing Master was with me.  Master is a big man, very strong and I can only assume other guys would consider him his size, his muscles very intimidating.

Oh god, I need to figure something out.  I know a trip to the Glory hole, and taking pictures of the cocks in my ass or in my mouth, and with cum on my face and tits would go along way to apologize to Master.  But I just can’t talk myself in to it.  Oh god, help me.  I don’t want to lose Master but I do need to punish myself and prove to Master that I will OBEY him always, no matter what and I will never, ever lie to him even if the news is bad..

I will figure something out, and let you know soon.

Wish me luck, please.


Surprise for Desert…

Upon arriving at the restaurant for dinner…  Master parked his bike near the front door like he always does.  He does this, so that he can keep an eye on the bike, it also means people inside the restaurant have a clear view of us, and I knew my pussy as I swung my leg over the backrest to get off the bike.

Seeing the mess on Masters back seat, I knew what was expected of me. Just as I was bending over, Master grabbed a handful of my hair while pushing my face down to the seat. I began eagerly licking  my cum from the seat before Master had a chance to tell me to do it.  Knowing I was being watched from  the other guest dining  at the restaurant got me so excited.

Dinner with Master was very nice while we waited to have our meal brought to us. Master had his fingers in my pussy, constantly bringing me to the brink of an orgasm, but not allowing me to cum.  Master then told me he had a surprise for desert and he was pretty sure I would love it.  Always  loving Masters surprises I finished my supper as fast as I could… As we walked out of the door, Master took me by my hand and I followed him as we walked down the street, and around the restaurant to the Adult Book Store (ABS) Building tucked away in the shadows…

I started to get excited as we walked through the door… Master led me to the back of the store, to the rooms they called the glory hole area…. it was full of men of all ages, and all sizes… They were staring at me hard some of them falling in step behind us… Master picked a door that had another door on each side of it. I followed Master inside. Looking around I noticed a large TV screen, a couple chairs, a role of toilet paper, and 2 holes. One on each of the side walls…

I was thinking to myself, so these are the glory holes, I’ve heard and read about.

Master told me to remove my dress, but to leave my black high heels on….Standing in front of Master with just high heels made me feel sexy.  Master instructed me to Suck his Cock.

Squatting in front of him, with my knees spread wide, excitedly I reached out and I unzipped Masters pants and pulled his throbbing cock out…licking and sucking his big hard cock, holding it up I began to lick and suck his swollen balls. After a few minutes Masters pulled me to my feet spun me around and put my face in front of a cock that was sticking through the hole in the wall. Master said , “Suck it whore, suck it and have him shoot his cum all over your face and tits.  Master got behind me, and pushed his wet cock straight up my ass, hard and in one thrust he was balls deep.  The force of his mighty push, forced my forehead against the wall, and the cock deep in to my throat.  Holding my head tight against the wall I thought I was going to pass out, I couldn’t breath.  Meanwhile Master is pounding my ass hard, he pulled my head off the cock in the wall just long enough for me to catch my breath and then shoved me back against the wall…  he kept this up, until I heard a knock on the wall, at which time Master pulled me completely off the cock and held my face near it, the cock started exploding on my face.  It was so warm and felt so dirty.  Master pulled his cock out of my ass, and pushed it in to my mouth with my ass juices all over it, and pushed me back against the cock sticking through the hole on the opposite wall.  It pushed in to my cunt, and I know it is against the rule for anyone’s cock but Masters to be in my cunt so I reached under pulled the cock out and pushed it in to my ass. Master said “good job whore”, and proceeded to fuck my face while the stranger in my ass fucked me hard.  I felt so used, and I heard a knock on the wall when Master pulled his cock out of my mouth and spun me around so that the cock that was in my ass was now in my mouth, when I tasted him starting to cum I pulled my mouth off, and pointed his cock at my face and emptied his balls all over my face.  Then I sucked him clean before he pulled it back through the wall.  I noticed another cock was sticking through the other wall, I squatted down and started sucking on it, when Master had me stand up, bending at the hips to keep sucking the cock through the wall, while Master fucked my cunt. Oh god, it felt so good.  Master could tell I was suffering, and having a hard time keeping up..  He slapped my ass hard, and brought me back to the current situation, my tits were swinging back and forth, bouncing off my chin when Master said; “OK, go ahead and cum whore.”  I exploded instantly, cumming violently, and falling forward forcing the cock all the way down my throat… Of god, I kept cumming and cumming, I couldn’t stop and Master just kept plowing my ass.  Finally the guy in my throat started cumming, and I started swallowing, when Master slapped me on the ass and reminded me I was to spray it on my face and tits.  Oh, god I felt like such a whore.  I’m sorry Master, I forgot what I was doing. Master pulled his cock out of my pussy and pushed it back in to my ass as he pushed my face over to yet another cock coming through the wall.  Honestly, I don’t know how many cocks fucked my ass and how many cocks I sucked off, but I don’t think it was less than 3 dozen.  I had fucked and sucked at least 2 dozen before Master finally deposited his seed in my cunt.  When he finished, I backed up on the next cock and let it fuck me in the ass, while I used my fingers to scoop Masters cum out of my cunt and lick it off.  I wanted to swallow all of Masters cum, I love my Masters cum, and I know how much he loves me to eat it. Master picked up my dress, and left a few minutes later telling me not to leave until I was sure I had received every drop of cum in the store. He put my phone on one of the chairs and told me to call him when I was done.

When there were no more cocks to fuck or suck, I picked up my phone to call Master when I remembered his words, “Make sure I have collected every drop of cum before I leave.”  So I walked out of the booth, my cum covered tits swaying as I walked.  Several guys hung around they wanted to see who they just fucked or who just sucked them off.  Several applauded me, a couple gave me their name and number, and yet others asked for my number, which I didn’t give.  I looked down and noticed I was a mess, I had cum all over my tits, and I could feel the cum dripping from my face.  A couple guys approached me saying they didn’t have me suck them off because they didn’t know if I was a guy or a girl.  I fucked and sucked them off behind the cover of the DVD racks.  I sucked off 4 guys in the racks, and let two of them fuck my ass.  Sure that I had gotten all of the cum to be gotten, I called Master on the phone.  He was at the bar in the restaurant next door, he asked me if I sucked off the store manager or the girl behind the counter.  My heart sunk, I hadn’t gotten all of the cum.  I apologized and told him I would call him back.  I sucked off the store manager, and then he took over the register while I eat out the girl behind the counter.  This was my first time eating pussy…  I hope it isn’t my last.  It was so good, sweet, not salting or acidic like most of the men that came on my face.  As I picked up my phone to call Master, I noticed that a couple more men had come in to the store.  I walked over to them, and asked them if I could have their cum?  I walked them over to the DVD racks and let them alternate fucking me in the ass while I sucked off the other.

Finally, it was over – when I was sure it wasn’t possible to make any of the cocks hard, I phoned Master.  He told me to meet him at the bike.  I thanked the store manager, and Rachel the girl behind the register and turned towards the door.  Rachel asked if I wanted a towel, or to wash up first, I smiled and said,; “thanks Hun, but I’m my Masters whole, I am allowed to clean up what I can with my tongue but besides that I am to leave the cum and let it dry, until Master gives me permission to clean myself up.

Rachel, said; “wow, that is hot.”  You are so lucky to have him as your Master.

Master was waiting at the bike, he tossed my dress at me and I put it on and then put my helmet on and got on the bike.  My ass slid on the seat, I knew if was because of all the cum that had leaked out of my ass and was on my legs.

During the ride home, I tried to recount how many times I came, and how many cocks I had serviced.  I just don’t know – I came a lot, and I must have serviced 3 dozen or more cocks many of them more than once. Oh, and I eat my first sweet pussy.  All in all a great night. I love being My Master Whore…

Drinks with Master…

Master called me and told me we were going to meet for drinks @ 4:30… From there we will be heading for dinner. He said he wanted me to take a cab to the bar, and that his meeting is running longer than expected…

After hanging up I became all giddy with excitement… I jumped up and looked at the clock,  3:10, roughly 1 hour before the cab arrives. I better get busy, I’ve been masturbating all day. One of Masters rules is to be on  time or else. I rushed around showering and shaving my pussy. Master requires my pussy to be clean, fresh and smooth.  Now what to wear?  Master likes my new micro mini red dress, and I matched them up with my black high heels. No panties, No bra, and I decided to go bare legged. I was ready in time , waiting for the cab to arrive.

I raced out the door, when noticed the the cab pull up. I knew I had chosen the right outfit when I saw the expression on the driver face.  He jumped out of the cab, as I was descending the steps from the deck, he quickly came around the car, and opened my door.  My dress is so short there was absolutely no way, I could get in without giving him a good show of my ass and smooth cunt.  As I was getting into the cab the driver made a point of brushing against my breast, and firmly grabbed a tit when he insisted on helping me with my seat belt.  I felt like such a slut, and I loved it.

The driver couldn’t keep his eye’s off of me…  his small talk quickly turned to his admiration for me, and how he wished his wife would dress this way for him.  It turned me on that I was turning him on, the next thing I knew I was rubbing my clit, and pinching a nipple – he told me to take my tits out, so I did.  My Master has trained me to obey without hesitation and with complete enthusiasm.  So, I did before I realized it was someone other than my Master telling me what to do.  I knew my Master would approve so I kept up my show bringing myself to several orgasms during the trip.  When we got to the bar the driver, turned to me and said; no charge mam, you made my day then he ran around the car to open my door.  He reached in, grabbed my bare breasts, and fingered my pussy for about 30 to 45 seconds. I looked at him and told him thank you, and that he should pay a whore. He handed me his card, and a $20 bill and said he hoped I would call him personally if I ever needed a ride again.

I got out of the car with my tits still hanging out of my dress and my hem around my waste.  I gave him a kiss on the check, and then then pulled my hem down, and as I was walking towards the bar I was putting my breasts back in the dress.  Walking into the bar, I saw that my master was already there he looked me up and down… and saw the glow on my face.  Knowing he approved with the way I was dressed made my already wet pussy wetter… But I could tell he was curious about the glow on my face.  I don’t know if it was the sheer silkiness of the material rubbing against  my sensitive nipples or the fact that I was just fully exposed and masturbating in front of a stranger that made my nipples hardest. I know my Master loves them hard, and visible, even if under fabric.  I sat near Master, about 4 stools away, pretending I didn’t know him and that we are meeting for the first time.  (A game we like to play.)  Immediately I started flirting with Master, he was dressed in jeans, boots and a Harley T-shirt and looks very much the biker.  I saw one of his beautiful motorcycles outside, and coyly asked if that was his bike outside?  He said, yes.  And I told him I would love a ride.  He smiled, looked me up and down and said, “no free rides, bitch” making sure everyone around could hear. I ordered Master another drink, and he said thank you, but that isn’t going to get you a ride either.  Smiling, I asked Master what would it take to get a ride as I walked over to Master very seductively?  I placed my hand on his thigh and gently rubbed… Moving my hand up and down his thigh…stopping just short of his growing cock, but high enough that my wrist brushed it lightly… At which point I leaned into Master kissing his lips ever so lightly, and whispering Thank You…

Masters response to my Thank You , was to grab a handful of my hair and pull me back into him kissing me deeply, passionately…  His other hand moving up under my dress to my ass and then very wet cunt, wear Master proceeded to shove two and then three fingers in me, fucking me hard with them.  We broke from the kiss and Master withdrew his fingers from my cunt and offered them to my mouth to lick and suck clean.  Not a word was said, I knew what to do and took his fingers one at a time in to my mouth sucking them clean and then taking two and then all three in to my mouth simulating a deep throat action the best I could.  While I was doing that Master used his other hand to pinch my nipples.  I pulled a stool out to sit next to him but he interrupted me before I sat down.  Master said, “Bitch, I didn’t invite you to sit with me.” Dumb founded and ashamed that I had assumed it was OK, I stood there with my mouth open and my eyes down. Master said in a strong, confident and loud voice; I am a Dom – I am not looking for a date.  You may sit here, if you agree to be my submissive in every sense of the word.  My rules are easy, I will tell you once and only once, and if you agree to my rules, you may have a seat, if you don’t agree – I thank you for the drink and ask that you go harass someone else.  OK?

With the look of shock on my face, for the benefit of others in the bar, I said; “Yes Sir.”

Master reached up and pinched and rolled my nipples as he began to speak.

My sub will Obey me, 100% of the time.  She has no hard or soft limits, we do not use safe words.  You will do what I tell you, immediately, without any hesitation and with complete enthusiasm.  There are no exceptions to my rules.  He stopped playing with my nipples, and looked me in the eyes.  My pussy was so wet, I became aware of moisture running down my inner thigh.

I opened my mouth to speak, I didn’t know how to say the million things that came to mind.  I knew he was my Master, but I became caught up in the moment.  My words, “I completely understand, I am completely yours.  I promise to obey you.  My desire to please and pleasure you is more important to me than breathing.”  What do I call you, Master, Sir??

Either will do, no pull up your hem and sit bare ass on the stool.  We had a couple more drinks and some small talk before we left for dinner.  The whole time we were there, I got stares from some of the woman in the bar, and one even walked over and introduced herself as Jenny, and told Master, if this slut didn’t agree to being my submissive – she would have.  She went on to say that the whole conversation was fucking hot. Looking at me, she said you are so lucky to have a real man.  A few minutes later Master got up to go to the restroom, while he was gone I walked over to Jenny and got her contact information.

As we walked out of the bar, Masters hand cupping my ass cheek under the red silk dress… I smiled at Jenny as Master handed me a helmet. Knowing all eyes were on us but not caring I climbed onto the back, spreading my thighs and flashing my naked cunt at everyone. I snuggled in close with my wet dripping pussy right up against Masters back. Master reaches behind him and very skillfully slides his fingers between my wet pussy lips, while his thumb rubs my throbbing clit. I lean into Master as he pinches my swollen clit, making me explode into a very wet orgasm. Soaking his seat and his back with my hot creamy cum…

Sun bathing

Master called me a short time later, wanting to know how my day was going… After telling him of my day so far, Master told me I could unstuff myself if I wanted to.. With no response,  he asked if I was okay… Yes Master I’m fine…  (Master knows me better than I know myself these days.) He asked me if I wanted to unstuff myself or not. I couldn’t help myself  as a tear rolled down my cheek, another revaluation came to me. I am my Masters Slut.

Answering Master, I practically begged Master to let  me keep them all in. I told Master that I had cum close to twenty times so far, and how much I was getting use to and liking being stretched like this. Master agreed that I could take them out when I was ready to.  Master then asked how my sunbathing was going. Remembering Masters rules of getting sun tan all over my body except for a small triangle on each nipple and another small triangle on my bald pussy.  Master said he likes to see creamy white skin and tan lines through the sheer clothing Master has me wear. I told Master I’ve been laying out on my deck naked each day. Taking care not to get too much sun at one  time.

Master said good night to me. After hanging up with Master, I sat down on the towel I’d been sitting on all day and exploded in another orgasm. Laying there, sunning myself, I couldn’t keep my fingers off my clit, or off my tits.  I just kept cumming and cumming. Finally, I slowly unstuffed my cunt to a gush of creamy cum ran out, quickly I moved to my knees and licked up the juice.  Then I took a shower, and curled up and exhausted on my bed and fell asleep thinking about Master fucking my face.

Physical Therapist

After shutting the water off and walking towards the house, I was very aware  of my therapist  behind me and wondered if she could tell both my ass and cunt were stuffed. As I  climbed the stairs trying to look as normal as possible, I felt that warm feeling again. Oh my god, I’m  gonna start cumming again right in front of her. Praying she wouldn’t notice. Too late, She noticed my breathing becoming more rapid. She leaned in and asked me, if I was okay?  I smiled as another wave washed over me, my body shuttered when you placed her hand on my back. I forced a smile, and steadied myself just long enough to answer, “Oh Yes, I’m feeling just fine.” Smiling like a kid that just got caught with my fingers in the cookie jar…

I sat down in the living room chair, and she sat across from me… I had to lean back some to accommodate the plug in my ass, and the bottle and dildo still in my pussy being stuffed so full. I’d been cumming so much this morning, that I kind of forgot that my inner thighs looked all shiny from all of the creamy cum running down my legs. It was then that I noticed the therapist staring at my thighs, a smile appeared on her face, she now knew what was going on, or at least I think she did.

Her eyes stayed fixed on my thighs, so being the slut I am, I spread my legs a little wider so she could get a better look. I was watching her, and she was not saying a word, I watched her face closely as I continued to spread my legs further.  She licked her lips.

Master is right… A real sluts body will betray her. Just like mine was doing now. Her’s was starting to betray her, when my stuffed cunt came in to view, she drew a deep breath, and her nipples became hard.
I liked her staring at me.

Wondering just how far this would go. I stared to slide my hand up and down my thigh, spreading them wider and wider…I felt the waves starting yet again. Wishing Master was here. If he was here I would have grabbed her hair and held her face in my pulsating pussy.  I don’t want to ruin this, so I don’t know what to do.  I ask her if she would like something to drink.  Water, clearing her throat, she said, Water Please.

Getting up, I go to the kitchen to get her a glass of water and when I turn the corner to the living room I notice her rubbing her pussy, which she quickly stops doing when she notices me in the room.

Risking it, I ask her if there is anything else she needs.  To which she says, no thank you.

Really?  I think there is, I think you need to strip your clothes off and let me lick your pussy.  She shivered, odd since it is nearly 90 degrees outside.  Dumbfounded, I reach down and take her hand, help her stand and help remove her clothes.  Then I lay her on the couch and proceed to lick, suck and nibble on her tits, pussy and clit.  Then I place a couple fingers in her sweet pussy when I concentrate on her clit, within a minute she is cumming hard, grabbing the back of my head and holding it in her cunt.  After what seemed like ten minutes she pushes my fact away, and begs me to stop so she can catch her breath.  Pulling off my dress, she sees that my ass and pussy are stuffed full.  She asked me how long I had been like that, and I replied all morning.  Master called me and had me stuff myself before getting started on my chores. So that explains why you had a hard time with PT today, “Yes, I kept cumming” and I didn’t want you to know.  Wow, how do you get all of that in you?  Spit.  A lot of spit.

I pulled the plug out of my ass and licked it clean, then I offered it to her.  I’m not going to lick that, no silly, I’m asking if you would like it in your ass.  Oh no, my ass is exit only.  Really?  Yes.

Huh, OK.  I put the plug down, then I asked her to lay back.  I proceeded to lick her pussy again, then I went lower and started licking her asshole.  Master like this, so I thought she would too.  Before long she started cumming from me licking her ass.  When she came down, I told her that my Master always says, when it comes to sex – think with your body not with your mind.  She looked at me confused, so I reminded her that her body just betrayed her, that while she said her asshole was exit only, it like having my tongue going in and out.  She should try the butt plug.  Thinking about it a couple seconds, she said, OK, but be genital.  Smiling, I went down and started licking her pussy, and pushed a finger in and was fucking her with a finger while I was licking and sucking on her clit, when I sensed she was getting close to an orgasm, I pushed a wet finger in to her ass and she came immediately. Pushing my face in to her cunt she just kept cumming and cumming, so I pushed another finger in to her ass and kept my assault up on her.  Finally, I had to come up for air, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and asshole, reached for the plug and eased it in to her ass.  Finally with it in place I went back to licking her pussy – again she had a series of strong orgasms.  When she came down, I stood above her, and pulled the bottle and dildo out of my stretched cunt and then lowered my cunt down on to her face.  Meekly she started licking my pussy, warming up to it she started to get the hang of it.  I reach around and started working my dildo in to her cunt and she started cumming.

She said that she had never felt so full before.  I smiled and told her, “wait until Master adds the bottle to your cunt, or he puts his big cock in your ass.  You’ll know full then.”

Finally we finished my therapy session. I don’t think they will ever be the same again.


Stuffed Like a Turkey

I awoke this morning with a call from Master, much earlier than normal.  Master has been away taking care of business.  I miss Master a lot, so I was very excited to hear his voice, even though I was still very tired.

Master asked me how I was feeling?  He punished me pretty severely yesterday for being so selfish. Master is still training me, and has been very patient with me, but the night before last I had crossed the line big time.  Master pointed out my errors, my selfish behavior and like always Master was completely right.  I felt so bad, after Master and I hung up the phone I did a lot of soul searching and felt worse and worse because again, he was so right.  My life as a submissive is to please and pleasure my Master. However, recently with my actions, I’ve only been pleasing myself.  I felt awful, and I cried and I carried out my punishment with vigor and dare I say, with enthusiasm, I was that upset with myself.

My pussy woke up before I did, within seconds of hearing Masters voice my pussy started creaming.  And when Master started telling me of his expectations for the day I was getting so excited.  I was to put my butt plug in and leave it in until he told me to take it out.  I had informed Master that I was planning on cleaning the house and do my gardening chores today, wearing my butt plug had my ass immediately throbbing.  I jumped across the bed, and grabbed it off the night stand put it in my mouth to lube it, and slid it right in.  My ass loves having that butt plug in.  I’m really beginning to enjoy  having it in my ass now, but Masters next words stopped me in my tracks… I was told to get my large Dildo and bottle (an aluminum Bud Light bottle) that I’ve been fucking myself with for the last few months and to shove all 3 in  me.

Scared, I said; “Yes Master”, with as much enthusiasm  as I could.

Last night Master told me from that point on, I was to insert the large end of bottle first – always!  I noticed my hand was shaking when I reached for the bottle and dildo – honestly I don’t know if it was out of fear or excitement.  Master has caused my body to betray me almost on a daily bases, and I love it and him for it.  As I got off the phone with my Master I begin to wonder how I was going to do  all three of them at one time.   I didn’t think I would be able to stretch that  much, I started with the bottle first, and then followed it in with the dildo since it had a tapered end on it..   Oh, god it hurt, it hurt so bad but my fear of not pleasing Master pushed me on…  I put the dildo in my mouth, licked it and spit on it, and then pushed it back in my cunt – finally it went in, and in seconds it started to feel wonderful and when I slid off the bed I had an orgasm with my first step.  Confused, I took small steps while riding the waves.  I orgasmed again before making it to the kitchen to make coffee.

I sat down, a little hard – I don’t want to admit that I forgot that I had so much in me, but I think I might have, I don’t know I’m just so confused all of this feels so good, but it is so contrary to the way I was raised and, to what I believed was right and wrong up until this last couple months when Master came in to my life.

I finished my coffee, put my shoes on and proceeded outside still naked to water the plants.  Master called again as I was going down the steps.  I gave him a quick update, and told him I was having trouble walking down the stairs.  He laughed and compared it to learning how to walk in high heels for the first time.  I laughed and said, yes Sir, except I didn’t fear about cumming when I walked in heels.  Master reminded me that I was free to cum as much as I could today.  Master heard me turn the water on, and instructed me to direct the water on to my tits, oh god it was cold, my rock hard nipples got even harder they were hurting so bad from yesterdays punishment and now with the cold water, OMG I noticed that feeling again, I started cumming, I fell to my knees.  Master gave me permission to rub my clit, and I came again, I came so hard, it felt so good.  I don’t understand how pain and more pain leads to pleasure – my cunt and my ass are stuffed full, my tits are freezing in cold water and I’m cumming like a whore in church.

Master also left instructions that if my sloppy pussy wouldn’t hold them in, I was to put on some shorts to make sure they all stayed in place..  Master reminded me that unless otherwise instructed, I am not allowed to wear shorts, and that this was an exception.  To remind my blog readers, while at home I am to remain naked, unless some I know comes over then I can put on very short skirt, and a shear top.  After a couple hours, I had cum so much my thighs were slippery, and bottle and dildo started moving, I became aware that the movement started to intensify the feeling and cause stronger and more frequent orgasm. I decided to go in to house and put on a sarong and pull it through my legs to make sure things didn’t fall out.  My tits still uncovered swung freely as I walked around the yard performing my chores.

I heard a voice, a female voice; Hello!  Hello!

In shock, I spoke up; Over here.  My therapist was here, OMG I totally forgot you were coming today. Let me turn off the water and we can go in to the house.

Part 2 of pussy stuffed full  in tomorrows post, continues with the therapist, sun bathing, and my defying plea to Master to allow me to stay stuffed after he told me I could take them out…







went about my day.


In the waiting room…

I was in the waiting room of my doctors office, when Master called me.

I was so excited to hear from him.  He had me spread my legs, left my skirt and finger myself until I had a couple mind blowing orgasms.   Then he had me pinch my nipples hard, very hard while he continued his conversation with me..  OMG what a turn on to do that in front of those other ladies in the room.  A couple couldn’t or wouldn’t take their eyes off of me, and smiled as they watched.  When Master finally hung up the phone, one of the women said, “That was hot!   I wish my man cared enough to call and get me off like that.  Does your Master, (that’s what you called him, right) have a brother?”

I just smiled, and said, “Yes, I am very lucky.”

The Correct Response to most things is "Yes Sir"

Yes Sir, or Yes Master


Master called me…

Master called me, I was so excited to hear his voice.  My pussy which is always wet, just got wetter.  Master asked me what I was doing.  I told him, I was catching my breath, that I had just had a couple mind blowing orgasms.  I told him that I had been cleaning the house (naked of course, I’m not allowed to wear any clothes while at home) and it is so erotic such a huge turn on to me, which causes my mind to wander and think about Masters big cock, the next thing I know I am touching myself, and then I have to fuck myself…   Master was pleased with me.

Master instructed me to grab my big vibrator and a soda bottle, he had me shove the vibrator up my ass, and then walk outside on the deck.  I pulled up a chair and sat down overlooking the yard.  Master then had me fuck myself with the bottle.  OMG, it was so tight with the vibrator still in my ass, and it felt so good.

I came twice, before I told Master that my renter was in the backyard.  When she noticed me, and what I was doing she ran in to her trailer.  Oh, well – what can I say, I’m a slut.  I do what my Master tells me to do, and I do it without protest.  Master told me to pinch my clit, and when I did, my pussy started squirting and cumming so hard.  When I settled down, Master had me go back in the house, but not before instructing me to lick the bottle completely clean.